Тандемный листогибочный пресс сварки многогранных опор длина 3000 mm

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1511665408.jpgLight pole can be devided into Polygon (like octagonal type) and shaped cross section(like round pole). the tooling design is with different method. To make the light pole, the important design input is pole material info and pole dimention. pole material normally is mild steel (like Q235), 3~6mm thickness. small end dia of pole can be about 60mm, big end can be up to 250~300mm. length can be 12~14m. 

Large Electro-hydraulic Synchronous CNC Press Brake

Round light pole tooling allows press breaks to machine cylindrical poles such as light posts, steel poles, high masts, etc… The tooling consists of a rounded die used to roll a metal plate into a round or conical shape.

Polygon pole tooling

The polygon pole bending is some like normal sheet bending. up tool is 90 degree up tool and multi-V bottom block. V opening is suitable for 2~6mm sheet metal bending. Multi-V block is easy to changing and adjusting. and for big thickness sheet of high mast pole or power transmistion pole, the V opening may be too big for die block. we designed V-Opening adjustable bottom die. the structure is with many different thickness plate. Operator can add or reduce plate quantity to adjust the V-opening. the V opening range is from 60mm ~260mm, can cover most pole sheet metals.


Shaped cross section pole toolings:

Typical this pole is round pole. this type pole is the most popular type in china, and becomes more and more in the world. to make round pole, the up tool and bottom die shall be also round. Up tool bottom tool shall be designed according to material spring back performance, hardness. Every different dimension round pole may need one set bending tool. So if there are various slop rate of the pole. there will be many different round pole tooling.



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E-mail: ProMachiney@gmail.com

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